welcome to TAA

The Texas Aquaculture Association is an association of entities with an interest in aquaculture that spans commercial production of shrimp, redfish, tilapia, channel catfish, hybrid striped bass, baitfish production, production of stocker fish, production of ornamental fish, and pond and lake management.
The role of the association is to provide for an industry-wide exchange of information and to act as a voice of the industry in dealing with federal and state regulatory agencies.


TAA Officers:
John Jones – President
Mark Kubecka- Treasurer
Brian Brawner – Secretary
Fritz Jaenike – Executive Director

Board Members:
Brian Brawner
Jim Ekstrom
Chase Holub
Fritz Jaenike
John Jones
Brandon Bowers
Shane Nicaud
Mark Kubecka
Brian Ray
Mike Robison
Brett Rowley
Granvil Treece